Saturday, June 19, 2010

white noise

good morning, friends. 'tis saturday and i'm doing my morning thing. cartoons (because it's saturday and richard scarrey's busytown was on!), coffee, and breakfast. mississippi and i had a nice evening in last night. french movie, italian dinner, and ice cream bars. it was nice and chill which is how i like my fridays.

soon i will be getting ready for work. i'm hoping it goes by quickly so i may enjoy my sunday funday before starting all over again on monday. i swear, i'm still out of it since getting back from new york. i'm not really sure why but there seems to be a lot going on around me and it's a little overwhelming. i'm needing a little quiet and organization. i'm also thinking of doing another vegetarian month in july. it's a great season for it and i'm thinking i should just be a vegetarian every summer because the fruits & veggies are in such fantastic supply. something to think about...

i keep fighting the urge to buy all these things that i have found myself wanting lately. new clothes, new art supplies, a drafting table yadda yadda. i need to watch my money but it's taking effort to watch it without watching it fly out of my wallet. ha! not that i'm spending any right now, i just WANT to so badly! what is that about, i wonder? hmm. oh well, i reckon i ought to get ready for work and stop dilly-dallying. i hope you, my friends, enjoy this incredible saturday. it's shaping up to be gorgeous from what i can see from my window.

adieu for now!

thursdays pic: thinking of you paper drinking cup that came with my airport headache medicine. it made me laugh.

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