Wednesday, June 2, 2010

gypsy snails & yard sales

g'mornin' lovies. 'tis wednesday. i'm chugging cranberry juice out of the bottle. why is it so delicious?! i had a great night yesterday. family dinner was awesome and afterwards i got to spend time with a lovely gal and have some beers and chatty time. it was all needed and cherished.
i had a weird night's sleep. a little fitful but like a rock at the same time. i feel a hair wonky but it's a beautiful day and i'm glad to be a part of it. mississippi is coming into town for dinner and a nighttime pool party with pals. i've been in a cooking mood lately so i'm looking forward to making something deeeeeeelicious.
today i'm working, and i've got some grown-uppy things that need to be done (it is the beginning of the month after all), but after work tonight i'm going to swing by the office supply store and get a few things crossed off of my to-do list for the yard sale. i'm excited about this yard sale. every five minutes i see something else in my room that i ask myself "should i sell that too? how much would i ask for it?". it goes against my nature slightly to get rid of a lot of things in one massive sweep. i'm a nester from way back. but i also have gypsy blood and can make a home out of any ole shell i can find therefore the weight i have felt from my possessions the past two years has begun to take a toll on me. i'm very much looking forward to feeling lighter and seeing just what i actually can live without. i'm sure it will pleasantly surprise me.
adieu for now, campers! i hope you wednesdays are beautiful!


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

Make sure to let us all know when your yard sale will be :) I have missed you, sooooooo, let's be friends soon.

Isaac said...

And if you still have anything left after the yard sale, list it for sale online on
It costs you or your buyers nothing. Absolutely no charge.