Sunday, June 13, 2010

saturday in brooklyn

good morning kiddies. 'tis sunday funday in the big city. i am currently sitting on the floor of my gal pal's apartment reviewing all the pictures i took yesterday while she sleeps off what we are assuming is strep throat. bad news! i'm hoping i don't get it because after that february and april nonsense i suffered through i will rip my tonsils out with my bare hands so as not to ever feel that way again. so i'm sitting here, wondering if i can find the atm i googled, what i should get for my girl to make her feel better, and what to do with the two days i have left in the city. hmmm...

while i ponder that situation, enjoy a few pictures:
afro-latin jazz concert at the brooklyn library.
adorable tot at a neighbourhood block party we stumbled upon in park slope. there are about five shots of her starting with her timidly approaching the rocking horse, to finally playing on it. so cute!trash can love.

top picture: the american couture exhibit at the brooklyn museum.

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