Friday, June 4, 2010

catch up

good morning friends. 'tis friday and i skipped a day due to well...being busy! but here i am, getting ready for work and contemplating the joy of sitting at home for a lulu friday night instead of going out. i love my fridays in. plus i am in need of some snuggle time with little man.
i've been cooking up a storm all week and have had a great visit from mississippi. i'm really happy and doing quite well. the first thing in my tunnel vision is cleaning, followed quickly by finding a suitcase and packing for my trip to new york next week to see the bestie, then...YARD SALE. i know i keep mentioning it, but i am hoping for it to be epic. i want to get rid of some stuff and i'm stoked the wheels have begun turning in regard to all the changes i've wanted to manifest for so long.
well, i haven't much to say today. gotta go to work and earn them dollars.
adieu for now, lovelies.

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Susanne said...

Hey honey , came to see you today but you were at lunch . Have a good saturday , love ya.xxoo