Monday, June 28, 2010

promised pictures

well, it took me a few days but here they are!
the little man this morning sleeping under the covers on my rainbow brite pillow. if there was ever any doubt that this pup was mine...i just destroyed it. sunday afternoon: chilling with my roomie's grandson, avery. he's been practicing his kissy face. i find it rather adorable.

saturday afternoon during my mondo yard sale. we made a little over $900 total.
friday: the chateau in yard sale preparation mode. so glad that stuff is gone!

thursday night: yard sale preparation day #2

stay tuned for a post that is full of insightful and inspirational prose. heh. or just stay tuned...
adieu for now,

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Susanne said...

Hey honey , that baby is delcious ! Hope the dentist went well , we swam at Jims last nite and got in late . hugs and kisses.mama