Thursday, June 10, 2010


soooo, as i'm packing up frantically and realizing just how challenging packing for all contigencies can be i remembered i have also collected four days worth of pictures i haven't posted. sheeeeeesh. so here are sunday through wednesday's photographic evidence that i have been out and about doing shtuff. as for new york and my bestie...heeeeeeeeere's lulu!

adieu for now...will try to post as much as possible whilst in the city.
tuesday: the funny stuff i find around the house courtesy of my roomie and her daughter.
monday: i got mildly eloctrocuted at work on saturday but didn't notice what had happened to the outlet who suffered through it with me.

sunday at the chateau decompressing.

top pic: wednesday: mississippi & ch-choo playing with mexican wrastlin' masks. yes they got one. but only one...

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