Wednesday, June 30, 2010


well good morning campers! 'tis wednesday and i am feeling a bit better. yesterday was the day of major overstimulation. by the end of work yesterday i was ready to find my own personal Elba. fortunately, some kind & funny messages from mississippi; an amazing home-cooked, garden fresh dinner and a two hour gilmore girls marathon with tennessee helped... as did the cheap white wine.

today i woke up an hour late. i'm still not sleeping well. going on several days. i'm not quite sure what's going on with my sleeping habits for the, but my dreams are wildly epic and impossible to remember. that last bit is very strange for ole lu. usually my epic dreams are so insanely detailed that i wake up and can recite everything as if i watched it in a movie. but lately, i can only recall a few details. like last night i was walking down a street in new york looking at some neglected/abandoned buildings; then i was riding the subway. i got lost in the subway station which looked nothing like the stations in new york and at some point i ran into my dad who was riding on one of the trains to atlanta. that's it. it's so frustrating not having the details! i know more happened but my head is so fuzzy these days that i can hold on to any of them. it's particularly interesting because i usually grab cues from my dreams about how i feel about situtations i'm trying to deal with; and i am dealing with several things. hmmm... i think i sense a few cues in my dream from last night regardless.

aaaaanyway, all of this is a long-winded way of saying i'm doing better today regardless of how fuzzy my mind has been lately. i'm very much looking forward to a night in alone (except for little mister seven, of course) at the chateau tonight. i've been feeling the urge to break out the jewelry kit and the typewriter (unrelated urges) and giving myself something creative to focus on to perhaps channel out some of the things i'm trying to deal with mentally. i'm excited. it makes me miss the days at the funky little shack when i would do that almost every night while i watched flight of the conchords marathons.

i am hoping that today at the shop is better than yesterday; or that at least my ability to deal with people is better than it was yesterday. sheeeeesh. and i surely hope that your wednesdays are fab-u-lous, friends! thanks for checking in with me even though my posts have left something to be desired lately. i'm baaaaack.

adieu for now, lovies!


today's picture: she's got legs. really long stilt-walker legs.

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