Tuesday, June 22, 2010

adrenaline junkie

good morning friends. i know it's been a few days. i was really under the weather yesterday and stayed home in bed staring out the window or in the bathtub all day. i have pictures from friday through sunday. monday's and today's will be posted. i apologize for being so behind with my picture a day project but at least i haven't missed a day yet!
as for me...i had a bit of a revelation the other day. i realized that fear is the dominant driving force in a lot of people's lives. fear keeps them from wearing that awesome whatever it is they found at a thrift store; keeps them from saying the thing they think is funny for fear that people will think its stupid; keeps them from being genuine to other people for fear of being wounded. i've done my share of hiding behind fear, although i'm happy to report that it is happening less and less. i am also glad to report that living without fear is the biggest adrenaline rush i have ever experienced. they may not like my holey jeans, my painfully loud cackle of a laugh, my silly jokes, or my emotional inside-outness but i don't care. i am in the midst of the happiest time of my life. fear can sit on it and spin. it is steadily being weeded out of my world and it is the best feeling ever.

i have more to say on various subjects but i have to get on to work. much love to you, beautiful friends! i hope your tuesdays are incredible and fearless!
adieu for now,

top: sunday and my new buddy holly pin.

middle: saturday, little mister got caught in the rain.

bottom: friday work.


Susanne said...

beautiful pics honey . Living without fear is what God had in mind for us when we were created , awesome and true . without fear and shame . Hugs , mama

Anachnoristic Outlook said...

thanks for being you, and being fear free - challenging the rest of us to love ourselves for who and what we are without fear :)