Tuesday, June 29, 2010

helloooo tuesday...

good morning friends. 'tis tuesday and i'm still out of it from the yard sale. ish kabibble. i woke up in project mode this morning though. laundry, and hopefully a little yoga. it's teasingly overcast today and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays dark and rainy. it would suit me quite well today actually.

tonight me and miss tennessee are going to relocate the remainder of the yard sale stuff over to my storage unit and then we are having a girlie dinner. i'm very much looking forward to that. afterward i am hoping to have some quiet tubby time and some netflix instant watch.

yesterday i had my fillings done at the dentist. i'm relieved that is over with. next on the list are my wisdom teeth. i am actually really nervous about that. i'm going to have to be awake for that and it just seems kind of mean. i'd rather be knocked out and wake up a new woman than have to watch it all go down. ack! however, it costs more to do it that way and...well, ain't that just how it goes?!

right now roo the breakfast kitty is nosing her way onto my lap and nearer to my delicious breakfast. if she weren't so darn adorable i'd put her out on her little hiney.

anyway, things are good on my side. i have a lot on my mind and have learned that i really can only tackle one thought at a time and be successful in resolving it. i'm looking forward to the big move; also quite aware of the small gaggle of people i will be missing the most. mama, and b, tennessee, twin, and a few magnificent friends i don't get to see nearly enough. but all in all very much looking forward to this new chapter. it's quite a lot to get organized in less than seven weeks, but i know i can do it.

well, i reckon i must be off. gotta switch out the laundry and start my sun salutation...

adieu for now friends. i hope your tuesdays are beautiful and productive!

*today's picture: my roomie's dress form, heidi, who keeps me company during breakfast every morning. especially when roo the breakfast kitty is uninterested in having a visit.


Susanne said...

Glad you are feeling more clear about things Lu . Thursday dinner will be fine if you want to bring a side dish . I thought we could do a veggie dinner with a little meat for B . Hugs and kisses mama

Adrienne said...

I know so well how that count down feels! I know it is overwhelming and fabulous and chaotic but you will succeed in opening that chapter.