Thursday, July 1, 2010

art & veggies & sleep

rabbit rabbit! it's the first of july, hope you remembered to say it this morning, it's good luck. i am still not getting a decent night's rest but i did make a necklace and begin a few collages last night. by 9:30 i was passed out with seven, covered in paint and glue. but from 9:30 to about midnight i slept pretty decently soooo...silver lining!

today i am hoping for decent sales at the shop and preferably as little frustration as possible. i have family dinner tonight and a drive to mississippi tomorrow night. both of which i'm looking forward to.

today also, being the first, is the official beginning of yet another vegetarian month for lulu. my body just seems to be craving fresh produce and...honestly...pasta. no real cravings for meat. just trying to listen to what my body wants... and it wants watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, field peas, pesto, berries (times a million), zuchinni, and fresh herbs. good grief! it's the only thing (other than swimming) that i like about summer. and this basket of fresh blueberries sitting in front of me is about to meet its maker for sure. and even though he is 296 miles away, mississippi will be taking part in the 'tarianism as well. of course, he actually committed to it for like, four years before, so he probably won't be hit upside the head with weirdo cravings for dry italian salami like i did when i did this in january. ha!

well, i reckon i should be gettin' ready for work. this time limit thing i've been giving myself for the interwebs in the morning goes by pretty quickly. i hope your thursdays are rad!

adieu for now, friends!


today's picture: one of the pieces i began last night.


Susanne said...

Hey Sweetie, veggies are on the horizon for supper , have a great day .xxoo mama

Adrienne said...

I love that piece you are working on!!

Nathaniel said...

I wish that were so! Unfortunately coming from my family, there's an entire lobe in my brain dedicated to salami. I think I'll manage but it won't be easy!