Saturday, July 10, 2010

does everybody know what day it is?!

good morning friends. 'tis saturday and though i went to bed super late (got a midnight inspiration to post a kajillion photos on my flickr account) and got up early to take a long walk; i'm still in a rather decent mood. a little sleepy but alright nonetheless. i'm not looking forward to going into work today. i'd rather have a saturday to enjoy at the chateau and have breakfast or lunch at canopy roads today followed by a solo movie date. i haven't had one of those in a long time and i rather enjoy them. i think i may see one of those in my near future.
anyway, i had a fabulous friday night in. one of my patented piddly nights. i tinkered online, made an incredible dinner. chunky garlic & shallot butternut squash soup with herbs de provence and pecorinno romano cheesy bread. good grief it was incredible. truly. i think i may have found a new lu recipe that will stand the test of time. it was a total autumn meal which should come as no surprise to you guys if you read my post last night.
after that it was dexter reruns while i had wine and tubby time. and just to let everyone who reads this know, yes i realize how magnificently luxurious a night like that is and i enjoyed every second of it.
well, i should find some coffee and take a shower, gotta hit the bricks soon... i hope you all have a beautiful saturday. do something fun for us schmucks punchin' clocks today.
adieu for now!
p.s. picture to be posted once i'm out of stinky workout clothes and have started approaching presentable again. much love, friends!

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Susanne said...

We loved the dinner you prepared for us Lu , so yummy ! Are you interested in going to a solitude retreat with me in Aug.? It will be somewhere here in town , usually after work , some yoga ,journaling , etc .Let me know if interested , I can send you a link .xxoo