Sunday, July 4, 2010

da fourth

happy fourth of july, campers! 'tis sunday and i am currently in the "not quite awake" stage. i actually slept well last night but i still see a nap in my future for today. i had one of the most epic and amazing naps ever yesterday and it may sound silly, but i think it helped me sleep better last night. my dreams were back to normal. odd, overwhelmingly detailed, intense, and plot-driven. whew! i feel a tad bit normal. a tad.
well, everything where i am is hot and relaxed. we went to downtown ocean springs yesterday and browsed the shops and drank the beer. it was very cool. we ended up not going to the art festival and instead spent an hour or so on a patio of a restaurant drawing and writing short stories. pretty cool.
i have no idea what we may be doing today. hopefully play with fireworks and eat some good food. happy independence day!
adieu for now, lovies.

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Susanne said...

sounds like fun to me ! I was a mermaid once again and swam a lot and bobbed a lot . Love you honey .