Friday, July 23, 2010

time to think

good morning friends. 'tis friday and tonight mississippi and i begin to move into our apartmento. i'm so excited about it, i woke up this morning an hour before my alarm went off thinking of what i would pick up for dinner tonight to celebrate our first day at our new house. *giggle*
i've had a lot of things on my mind lately. my dreams have been erratic and stressful; and i've had no real time to sit and mull things over. you know me and my quiet time. a good dose of quiet time can keep me from being horrible to everyone around me. sooo, i'm going to have to do the world a favour and take some time for myself soon.
anyway, i've been considering taking this blog in a different direction but i'm not sure exactly how. i love discussing my daily stuff and sending it out into the interwebs for all to see; but a) i'm not sure too many people care to read about that in general b) i have actual things to say. hmmm... where to go from there?
well, i will be posting pictures soon, i promise. if you have read this for any length of time you know that when i'm feeling discombobulated i can't wrap my head around being organized anywhere else in my life. but as per usual, the pictures do exist and will be posted soon. stay tuned.
adieu for now,

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Jennifer said...

New blog! :) follow please! can't wait to see the new house.