Friday, July 2, 2010


goood morning, friends. 'tis friday. i got about four solid hours of rest last night. dreamed mississippi came to sit on the edge of my bed and help me sleep. it's kind of sad when my subconscious is wishing for sleep while i'm actually trying to sleep. but i also dreamed that i bought texas and all the places that were undeveloped i turned into the biggest wildlife preserve in the united states. it was cool.
i had a great family dinner last night. hobo dinners. i love it when mama makes those. it reminds me of being a little kid. oh, for those of you who don't know what those are by the way, hobo dinners are when you make a little pouch with foil and fill it with whatever you want and bake it. you can use chicken, corn, burgers, potatoes, peppers whatever. it always turns out cooked perfectly and delicious. so that's what we did last night and it indeed was delicious. i'm going to make family dinner next week and i'm looking forward to it a great deal.
well, i have a short post today because i have to get ready for work and pack for mississippi. i'm heading west after work as soon as i load up mr. seven and his suitcase. i'm hoping today goes by quickly and easily at work because i'm ready to hit the road. i'm really excited about my weekend. i hope you guys are too. happy fourth of july a little early just in case i don't get to post while i'm out of town.
adieu for now,

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