Friday, July 30, 2010

test 1, 2.

so i've been thinking about what i will do for august. i have been a vegetarian this month and though i will slowly reintroduce higher quality meats into my diet, i will mostly remain vegetarian (for the sake that i simply adore vegetables and fruit).
but i feel compelled to do another one of my experiments for august. what i'm leaning toward the most is the concept of packaged "convenience" foods like chips, gas station cheese danishes (oh i wish i was kidding about that one), M&M's, ice cream sammiches etc. junk food in general. i am greatly leaning toward removing them for the month of august (and preferably forever). a once in a while thing is okay i reckon; (kind of like dressing trashy for a night out with the gal pals. it's fun for a night but any longer than that and you feel sick), but a bag of carrot sticks is just as convenient, if not more so than a bag of chips. hmmm... i'm going to mull that one over for a bit. i'm pretty sure that's the test at hand for ole agosto.
adieu for now, darlings!

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Adrienne said...

I will do it wif yous! I have been thinking about that myself but lacking motivation.