Friday, July 9, 2010

narcoleptic lu

good morning, friends. 'tis friday. i slept for ten hours last night. my morning has gone buh-bye. it makes me feel wonky but apparantly my body needed that. i haven't had a long sleep like that since march when a lot of crazy stuff came to a halt. anyway, we had a nice family night last night. i made a half & half pot pie casserole (half chicken and half tofu). it was a success! it was nice to cook for my family because i don't get to do that often. i went home and cleaned for about ten minutes then sat down for a second. the next thing i knew it was almost midnight; then i fell asleep again and woke up at four to turn off all the lights and get in bed properly instead of half-dressed and listening to the gilmore girls menu music on a loop over and over again. heh.

well, despite the fact that i woke up with scant minutes to roll around in my morning time, i'm in a relatively decent mood this morning. i'm excited that mississippi is moving here; and that tennessee and i are going to have another yard sale in august. i'm already pulling more stuff out to sell. it feels quite good.

oh well, i need to hop in the shower. i no like my mornings being rushed. i'm hoping to make up for it tonight by having a peaceful night in. wine and movies and organizing. it's good for my brain.

adieu for now lovies. i hope your fridays are super-fun and relaxing. much love!


*today's picture: wonky morning lu

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