Thursday, July 15, 2010

cork it

good morning friends, 'tis thursday. i'm still a tad under the weather but a decent night's sleep last night surely helped. i'm hoping that by tomorrow i'll have enough energy back to return to my lovely morning walks i have missed so much this week.
well, last night i kept getting punched in the face with a "mood". i don't like those moods but i was really frustrated last night. every time i sat down to work on the resume i HAVE to have done soon, i would get so irritated it was all i could do not to throw the computer across the room. why is this? i know not. perhaps too many wild flying-around thingies stressing me out in my mind. there is a lot going on after all. mississippi is moving here this weekend and after work on saturday i'm driving over there so we can load up jane honda and mr. miati (if he's fixed by then) and head on over to the sunshine state.
we are also looking for apartments. i found one that i'm really excited about but i'm trying not to get my hopes up about it. last time i did that, a place was rented out from under me. i'm also, as i previously mentioned, looking for a new job. i'll be here well into spring of 2011 and i need something to keep me solvent until then. being a glutton for punishment as i sometimes am, i made the ridiculous decision to read employment reports online yesterday. way to go! and even though i know better, i began feeling completely helpless.
i feel a tad better today though. but these are some of the things on my plate that have me a little stressimans. even long tubby time didn't help yesterday. but today is a new day, thank goodness. i'm in a slightly more sane place than i was last night and looking forward to when all these stressors funnel themselves into their respective bottles so i can cork 'em up in there.
well, i reckon i should get ready for work. three more work days til another mississippi drive. i'm excited about that. wish me luck wif all ma stuff, friends. i hope your thursdays are replete with stress-free summer fun.
adieu for now,
*still having picture issues. this will be remedied with a photographic post ranging from sunday-today, hopefully very soon.

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