Friday, July 30, 2010


good morning kiddos. 'tis friday and i'm beginning to get everything back in order after the move. mississippi and i have a few more car loads to get from the chateau and some cleaning to do before we are officially out of the chateau and into the nest. things are a little hectic on the job front and have had me super duper frazzled. no me gusta. but it's alright. i got my resume done and am looking forward to having some time to actually send it out. that's what sunday and monday are for, i reckon.
well, i'm still gathering pictures from the photo-less week. here's what i have for sunday.
as taken by n. ortolano.
and this one is from monday (also taken by n. ortolano). that was the nest bedroom in a state of duress (aka moving). it's looking much better now, though we still haven't hung one picture or piece of artwork. that will happen soon though. gotta hang the horseshoe above the door first.
adieu for now, friends.
pictures from tuesday-today to come!

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