Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend recap

good morning kiddies. 'tis monday and i'm off from work. i slept late again and now am rushing around trying to get seven and myself ready to start our day. little buddy has to go to the doctor and get a shot. he's fine, just regular baby care stuff. he is not going to be happy though, i can tell you that right now. after that i have to go to the eye doctor for my regular eye care stuff. wowsa. what a day off, huh?
i had a great and relaxing day yesterday. mississippi drove all the way over and surprised me yesterday morning. we ate at our favourite diner, apartment/house-hunted for over three hours, made a delicious lunch, took a nap then he was on his way back to mississippi. it was a wonderful surprise and did us both a lot of good. we are not too terribly keen on the distance right now. *sigh*
well, i will have more things of interest to post when i'm not rushing around like mad. aaaand i will add all the pictures as well.
adieu for now, friends!

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