Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the girl loves her mornings

good morning, kiddos. 'tis tuesday and i'm an hour and half into my morning, on my second cup of coffee and an episode of gilmore girls. heh. i love long mornings. i wish so often that i could work from a home studio of some sort and be able to luxuriate in long mornings even longer. it's my favourite time of day. yesterday i drove back from mississippi with a change of plans in the works. it's different, but i think it will work out swimmingly. now i have to figure out what to do about the job & the living situation. heh. swimmingly it will work out indeed! i am optimist prime! anyway, i had a wonderful weekend with mississippi. we watched documentaries, he made art, we made delicious 'tarian foods, and took long drives. it was lovely indeed.
today i have some work to do. well, other than actually going to work. i ought to make a list or something. i think that's what i will do with the rest of my rapidly disappearing morning.
much love friends! hope your tuesdays are highly enjoyable!
adieu for now,

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