Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer morning

good morning campers. 'tis wednesday and i had the most splendiferous evening in last night. it hearkens back to the awesome nights spent in at the funky little shack last year which i've found myself missing ever-so-slightly lately. i cleaned, organized, did laundry, had tubby time and watched movies.

this morning i woke up early and took a long walk around the neighbourhood. it was so beautiful and there was the teeniest snap of cool in the air which made it that much more magnificent. it reminded me of how mornings felt in north carolina when i was a kid there during the summers.

birds were hopping around everywhere singing and creating a pleasant white noise morning soundtrack. men and their dogs were out and about being men and dogs. i'm not sure where i was in my mind exactly but it was a good quarter of a mile into my walk that i realized i hadn't looked at any of the houses around me (which is what i normally do on walks). i just reveled, as per usual, in my morning time. so luxurious!

now i'm having coffee, about to fold laundry then hop in the shower. i'm not quite ready for the "serious" part of my day to begin yet. i want to hold on the the quiet, coolness of early morning just a little bit longer. *sigh*

i hope your wednesdays are beautiful and calm. much love, friends!

adieu for now,
*today's picture: the work space i cleaned and organized last night. i think it looks super cute!

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