Friday, July 16, 2010


good morning, friends. 'tis friday. i'm in a funny way today. therefore i'm keeping it quick so i may focus my energies on getting out of said way and back into the positive light. i'm ready for a weekend and may have to spend several hours in a bookstore tonight.this was the little froggy that joined the menagerie thursday night after the wicked rain storm.

this is the apartment that i really like that i went to visit wednesday...that i still don't know if we've gotten so i'm super anxious to hear about it... and i'm probably jinxing it by putting it up here. oh well, it was the only picture i took on wednesday.

this is little mister pants on tuesday. he is not fond of the thunderstorms we have been having lately. poor thing!

*top picture: friday morning and i'm out of it due to another nine+ hours of sleep. i feel medicated which is kind of a funny feeling.

adieu for now, my friends. i hope your fridays are wonderful and tons of fun!


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