Thursday, July 22, 2010

get 'er done

guten tag, darlings! 'tis thursday and i am getting things done this morning. turning on the utilities in the new apartmento, and some much needed laundry. i've had a frackin' piece of glass stuck in my heel for several days now but it's been driving me bonkers since yesterday, hence no morning walks. me no likey.
oh well, other than that i'm doing alright. trying as much as possible to retain my sanity in a particularly insane situation. good grief. i'm also looking for a new job and trying not to freak out about it. i need positive energies and the optimism that comes with starting a new job. hmmm...
on that note, i'm going to go look online for some employments.
adieu, my sweets. i hope your thursdays are fantabulous! pictures to follow later today.

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