Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wink wink, blink & nod

goooood mornin' friends! 'tis wednesday and i slept in a little. it's a beautiful thing. i have this love affair with sleep. always have. some people can function on little or no sleep, but not i. some can stay up to watch the sunrise. i'd rather wake up early and watch the sunrise while i'm out on my morning walk. ha!
i look forward to sleep, partially because i have really interesting, epic dreams most of the time. and i do have the proper respect for the waking hours, don't get me wrong. but oh, how marvelous it feels to get a good night's sleep. *sigh* just lovely.

that's all i feel like talking about this morning.

adieu for now my tiddlywinks!

today's picture: the bright morning light in the foyer. i like the way it made the chandelier all sparkly.

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