Wednesday, July 28, 2010


geeezie peezie. good mornin' kiddos. another quick update before i start work. the nest will be connected to the interwebs by this evening. in the meantime, tiny little bouts of connection leave me unable to post anything of interest, really or any photos (obviously). a nest update though, it's lookin' darn good, smellin' pretty decent, and we just met our neighbourhood mrs. kravitz. you know, the neighbourhood busybody. the nosey nelly that wants you to be as up in arms about well...anything as she is. ha! every neighbourhood has one. ours is an alarmist in particular and refuses to wear a bra... when it is very much needed. we got the 411 on just about everyone in our new neighbourhood, even our own personal sherriff's name; and though i don't share her particular brand of paranoia, i do appreciate that someone is out there keeping an eye out for everyone. even if it means she's a little bit of a snoop. or a lot.
well, that's it for now darlings. more to come!

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