Saturday, July 3, 2010

ocean sprangs

good morning kiddos! 'tis saturday and i feel like i've been beaten with reeds. it's all good though because i'm sitting next to mississippi and i'm looking forward to all the fun stuff we will do and talk about on my long weekend. we always have fun.
the traffic yesterday was ridiculous. i know i know. it's a holiday. i'm no rookie. but it was insane. it seems like 98% of the drivers yesterday reeeeallly should not have been out on the road. i felt like i was behind 297 miles of drivers ed cars (that also happened to be semi-trucks at some points). oh well, i made here safely, thank goodness. had a more decent night's sleep than usual. i think i probably got about five hours as opposed to four the night before, and two and a half the night before that. i have decided that i want to train seven to walk on my back before i go to bed so that the knots behind my shoulder blades will eventually get worked out and disappear. heh. wish me luck on that one.
well, i see breakfast and an art festival in my future. so i will say adieu for now... i'll probably post all the pictures when i get home on the fifth, but will write a little something every day. love to all this weekend (and be safe, for crying out loud)!

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