Thursday, July 8, 2010

bless her heart

aaaaachoooooo! good morning, friends. 'tis thursday and i have not been able to stop sneezing since i opened my eyes this morning. ish kabibble. i think i gave myself a hernia with the last sneeze i had. is it proper grammar to say i had a sneeze? i gave a sneeze...i did a sneeze...i performed a sneeze? "i sneezed" is correct but wait...this kind of stuff always confuses me. "i think i gave myself a hernia with the last sneeze i sneezed. seems redundant but i'm pretty sure it's correct. aaaanyway...

i'm sitting at the chateau trying to force myself to down the last 8 ounces of my water bottle. i'm not sure why it has been so hard for me to drink enough water lately but my body suffers for it and we cannot have that!

i took another walk today and you know what i realized? well, other than the fact that halfway through my walk, i had, in my sleepy stupor put on my not-so-opaque leggings instead of my comfortably opaque stretchy workout pants (your welcome, suburbia); i also realized just how long its been since i have had a massage. my shoulders and back are so tight and full of knots that i was actually walking funny this morning. no me gusta! the massage therapist that i adore is a tad on the expensive side for this penny-pincher at the moment. oh well. that's just the way it be sometimes. i really should get on training seven to walk on my back.

i did, however, have a beautiful morning walk regardless. i love the early morning sounds and i know i will miss them when we move to new york. however, i'm sure i will come to find charm in the early morning city sounds as well...temporarily. i'm too much of a southern girl to be wooed by the city's charms for too long. heh.

this morning i am running a tad behind (let myself sleep in a half hour) so i probably should say adios for now. i hope your thursdays are lovely and...well, charming. why shouldn't they be, right?!

adieu for now,

*today's picture: the trees lining the driveway at the chateau. pretty, no?


Adrienne said...

bress yous booger!

lulu said...

ahahahahaha! thank you, xana!