Wednesday, August 26, 2009

66 days... i can't stop looking at halloween and fall stuff. come to find out it's not too early to have halloween stuff for sale, but it is for fall stuff. bummer. anyway, i have once again found some silly halloween stuff to share with you this fine august morning (sheeeesh): this is an art print named "raccoon costume" from for only $12! i find this very amusing. partially because it looks like seven pretending to be a raccoon.

now, i'm not the biggest True Blood fan, but i know folks who are. sookie is one of my favourite names so when i saw this i liked it. plus, the inside has drops of "blood" in it which i think is funny. unfortunately it is $32 for a coffee mug, but it is handmade.
this i would never pay $245 for but i just thought it was cool little kid's costume for someone with a disposable income. p.s. i'm so flippin' excited about where the wild things are coming out in october! (she's out of pensacola, yay florida!!)

this last one is so bizarre and funny to me. i have not-so-secretly wanted to be a My Little Pony for halloween, and these legwarmer/boot covers could very possibly be my ticket to magical rainbow-decal-on-my-hind-quartersland! or i could be a clydesdale. $25 p.s. they make furry chaps. i literally let out a "bwhahahahahaha!" when i saw them.
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