Saturday, August 22, 2009


and now for the third installment of the financial pages for august. warning: it's a little monotonous and repetitive:

8/14/09: $8.55 wine bar because i needed to get out the house after watching movie that put me in a weird place. it was henry poole is here, btw.

8/15/09: $17.00 wine bar with the lady friends. oi. nearly $30 bucks spent in two days on wine?! at least it was good wine.

8/15/09: $3.00 waterworks for a beer and ginger ale. still ladies night. starting to get a little embarrassing, the way i spend my money.

8/17/09: $3.00 black dog for coffee. delicious, and beautiful coffee.

8/17/09: $19.32 borders. i found two giant art books about american musicians on sale! had to get them!

8/18/09: $8.59 wine for dinner with a lady friend. subsequently this is the wine that gave me the horrible headache the next day.

8/18/09: $4.00 waterworks for a beer and a ginger ale.

the only thing i seem to be buying in bulk is food, drink, and art. i'm so european!
anyway, i spent $66.75 and applied another $67 to my credit card.
adieu for now saturdayers!

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