Monday, August 24, 2009


sometimes i enjoy a good cheesy movie. some would say i enjoy them too much. i'm one of those uber-sensitive types that can be totally wrecked by a bittersweet or sad movie. i have to gauge what mood i'm in before i go to a movie etc. if i feel like i may be teetering toward emotional, then it's slapstick and mindless action films for me.

so tonight, senor mas put on his good boyfriend hat and took me to go see Postgrad with alexis bledel. the clincher for me for actually wanting to see what i could already tell was a formulaic girl-finding-her-way ro-co was the cast. michael keaton and jane lynch play alexis' (ryden malby) parents. carol burnett plays her loopy grandmother who sews money into her pantyhose (her own pantyhose by the way, not ryden's). guest appearances by demitri martin, snl cast members, as well as the hilarious guy from pineapple express. you'll know him when you see him.

it indeed has it's predictability but at the same time has a freshness and sarcasm that made it quite bearable.

i do wish ryden had shown more love and respect for her insane but loving family than she did, but you take what you get with films like these. her clothes were cute, the boys were cute, the family was funny.

save it for a guilty pleasure movie night when it comes out on video (before you watch 13 going on 30 and the sweetest thing...again).

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