Thursday, August 20, 2009

brow envy

now, i know i said i would write something of substance, but oh well. i just finished watching the cotton club with the folks for family night. now, despite the hilarious use of on-screen texture (shadows of lace, motorized simulated "rain" machines that just look like a lava lamp was projected on the window) there are numerous gems that have endeared this film as a classic in my book.

1. gregory hines.

2. the clothes! the shoes! the headpieces! the red lipstick!

3. herman munster.

4. the jazz and the dancing.

5. pencil moustaches.

6. diane lane being painfully beautiful.

7. divine eyebrows.

i've always leaned a bit more toward the frida kahlo/brook shields bastard offspring eyebrows. partially because of genetically blessed full eyebrows, and partially because i'm lazy and not fabulous at being girly yet. *note the optimism that one day i will be*

i would love to be able to pull off that kind of look. sculpted, gracefully arching brows that make me seem mysterious, seductive, and slightly bored despite my extremely animated and revealing expressions that betray the myriad of other emotions i find toying with me at any given moment. i honestly believe that if i had those eyebrows, that run-on sentence would never have existed.

i am aware there is no magic bullet for nonning the chalant. but a dame can dream, right?

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