Saturday, August 29, 2009

things you could write a term paper about for the film Gigantic

1. why do you think brian weathersby has always wanted to adopt a chinese baby?

2. why do brian and his family ritually do mushrooms together?

3. why does brian never tell anyone about his stalker/would-be assassin?

4. what is/are harriett's condition(s)? what is she toiling with mentally/emotionally?

5. what is the significance of brian's brothers careers by the time they were 28?

6. what is the significance of the massage parlour scene?

7. what is the significance of the many references to french chefs?

8. how does the rat experiment tie into the rest of the film?

9. what is the significance of the role of the scientist? comic relief?

10. what is the significance behind john goodman's (absolutely amazing) role in this film?

bet it makes you want to watch it, eh? knowing my timing, everyone probably already has. but it's awesome. it's one of my new favourite films.

a few sidenotes about the actors in Gigantic:

i always dig zooey deschenal.

this film has put paul dano on my list of actors of whom i'll watch anything they make from here on out.

i loved john goodman so much in this film he will be getting his own post soon.
ed asner. what a "marvelous man" in the role as brian's father.

now, off to work!

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