Sunday, August 23, 2009

coming soon...maybe even to tally

since i have been on a movie kick lately, i will suggest a couple of films soon-to-be-released, if not released already (just not playing in tallahassee).

the first is gentlemen broncos. it's from the director of napolean dynamite and features jennifer coolidge (who i love love love). it also stars jemaine clement as an author who steals a book idea from a young guy at writer's camp. it looks ridiculously entertaining.

the second is whip it. starring ellen page as a girl in bodine (texas?) who discovers the roller derby. the girls on the roller derby range from that chick from snl and knocked up (but i can never remember her name) to drew barrymore (directorial debut, btw) and eve (the rapper, not the girl from adam's rib).

anyway, check out the trailers for them.

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