Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dream weaver

good morning world! 'tis wednesday and part of me wants to enjoy this morning the way i usually do, then pull the blinds and sleep for several more hours.
as most of you know, i have very vivid and strange epic dreams. so much so, that some mornings i wake up more tired than when i went to bed. that is the case today.
in 98% of every dream i can recall there is always a house and a body of water; i often fly as well.
if it's a particularly stressful dream there are alligators in the water and/or there is a rickety bridge i have to cross. last night was no different. there was a cool, old house and it was filled with old hollywood movie stuff cataloged on shelves. at one point i was holding a gold glittery tiara that had apparantly been used in a dream sequence with glenda the good witch in the wizard of oz. it had a hand-written tag and a brown photograph from the scene.
it was cool to go through all of the old things. silver hand mirrors, papers, photographs etc. all of it seemed to be from the 30's specifically, as if it all belonged to one person from the height of their career in hollywood. i don't remember much else other than there being a storm at some point and big, dangerous waves outside of the house.
dream dictionaries often say that dreaming of houses represent our image of ourselves in the form of the house. wonder what that says about me?
do you guys ever have recurring things in your dreams?

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SenorMas said...

I've heard of two separate popular characters putting their thoughts, knowledge and even personalities in order by imagining their brain as a house. Almost like a meditation or a constructive psychology.

In Six Feet Under, the mother found it as the new fad self-help program. And Hannibal Lecter, in the book series, organized his intellect in the same way.

I wonder how that meditation affects the house we eventually dream.

I'm sorry if you're tired.