Monday, August 24, 2009

viva la motivacion!

something about having your teeth cleaned at the dentist makes you feel more with-it and motivated. i have the day off, and instead of dropping my car off to get new brakes and tires as i had originally planned (i'm saving it for when i'm at work and won't miss it as much), i'm planning, organizing, maybe doing a little cleaning, and all-in-all using every single ounce of this inspired motivation to get things done that make me feel sane and happy.
i have neglected to mention the past couple of posts that the weather in tally is absolutely marvelous right now. sixty-eight degrees and sunny! oh, it's fabulous!
i get to pretend that autumn is just around the corner (instead of two months away). the kids have all gone back to school to today and there is so much excitement in the air! makes me want to go out and buy some new school supplies, just because!
today is monday, i have a sweet little birthday boy lounging around in the living room (protecting his favourite stuffed animal, Duckers, from would-be snatchers), i have clean teeth, a decadent cup of coffee and a balcony over-looking lush green foliage on this delightful morning.
hope there is beauty in it for all of my friends and loved ones!

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