Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7 random things

1. i want a compass. a magical compass like in pirates of the caribbean.

2. i absolutely do not like the song "somewhere over the rainbow". never have. don't think i ever will.

3. however, i really like marilyn monroe's version of "diamonds are a girl's best friend", her voice does some interesting things; and the music is odd and cool.

4. sometimes my ocd isn't that noticeable. other times, like today, it's full-throttle and very challenging to work with. i think it's because i'm tired but, i went on to (that's right) to find celebrities who share my affliction: . it makes me feel a little bit better.

5. i love french onion sun chips with disturbing zeal.

6. i don't really know how to make desserts. they aren't a comfort food for me, so i've not had much practice. nonetheless, i am attempting to make "blueberry delight" this week to use up all my blueberries before they go bad. wish me luck!

7. sometimes i have to hold a puppy. it doesn't matter that i have one of my own whom i insanely love. but, holding a little wiggly nugget of a baby dog with sweet puppy breath does absolute wonders for my blood pressure.

1 comment:

k.lou said...

My hands fit perfectly into Marilyn's casts outside the theatre in Hollywood, trufax.

And I always notice my mental whatnot becomming more pronounced when I'm tired. That normal buffer you've got just starts to slip, and there you are. But as Lise said to me yesterday, indentification is the first step. (Obviously, in your case, blueberries might be the second.)