Saturday, August 22, 2009

the rage in placid lake

i heart ben lee. always have. netflix recommended a movie for me because i liked king of california. the rage in placid lake was it.

this film came out 6 years ago (i'm so current) and stars a myriad of excellent and comically-gifted actors. ben lee plays placid lake. a guy who just is...himself, austrailian, replete with flaws and all, and failed efforts at trying to "fit in". as with my reaction/review of the price of milk, i won't give away any plots lines. but, it is well-written, enriched with nuanced performances; and many very beautiful things about this film.

watch it. love it.

any scene with gemma and a martini is a fave; and one of my favourite lines is "it isn't all beer and skittles, placid" but there are dozens to choose from. it also presents an intriguing angle of young man's existence.

adieu for now, compatriates.

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