Monday, August 31, 2009


so, of course i am already looking forward to what self-improvement i can strive for in september. i already know i want to take my fitness concept seriously. i gained 7 lbs in two weeks (thank you reece's, sun chips, and all pastry makers this side of the mississippi)! i think i am going to keep up with writing down everything (other than bills and necessary items) that i spend money on. it helped keep me more mindful of what i was doing; and helped in fighting that urge to buy buy BUY!
i think another thing i will add to the list for my ninth new year of 2009, is to "take time". i often find that i won't do something i need to do because it "takes too much time". even if it is just going down to my car to get something out of the trunk, it takes too long, so i won't do it. do you know what that translates into? growing chaos, stress and all because of flat-out laziness.
how humiliating. i am too lazy to take the time to put my shoes up. instead i trip over them constantly. or i won't sweep my balcony etc. too lazy to hand wash the stack of dishes, so i put them in the dishwasher. it is going to take concerted effort this "taking time" thing. but i think i could use the lesson.
i am so impatient. every lesson i am trying to teach myself inevitably concerns patience in some form or another. ugh. it is one of the hardest things in the world for me to just wait for something.
wish me luck!

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