Tuesday, August 25, 2009

halloween in 67 days...

no surprise here, i love autumn. i know i have mentioned it countless times on my blog. well, i'm getting the seasonal vibe again and am just flat-out giddy about halloween and fall decorations right now. what i've learned over the years is that i'm rather picky about holiday decor in general. there is a specific combo of seriousness/humour, morbidity, price and quality that make it hard to find good stuff for reasonable prices.

thank you etsy, for solving this issue for me.

por ejemplo this ouija board clock. it's only $29!! so reasonable for holiday decor, in my opinion. plus, it's funny and perfect for the spooky girls and boys. http://www.imotime.etsy.com/

i also love these party decorations. so cute and simple and $16.50 for the set. http://www.pampermeplease.etsy.com/

this last one is a little more than i would usually pay for something small, but it's so cute i had to throw it in here. i collect day of the dead figurines and this is a part of that tradition, a calavera ornament, $28. http://www.chickory.etsy.com/ plain ole awesome autumn stuff to come too!

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