Friday, August 28, 2009

staying in the moment

good morning, friends. 'tis friday. it is wonderfully dark outside this morning, thunder is rolling somewhere off in the not-so-distant...distance.

i have been reflecting on my august project as the month draws to a close. how quickly it has gone by!

i have done rather well with the removing of expletives from my vocabulary. a few slip-ups, but i won't beat myself up over that. plus, i am rather looking forward to allowing myself a well-placed expletive when the situation calls for it.

i have kept up with every superfluous dollar i have spent and my final ledger exposure will be on the 31st.

as for the working out on odd-numbered days. that went buh-bye by mid-month. i am carrying that goal over into september because, well, i need to. the amount of twix bars i have consumed in the past week are reason enough.

despite all of the things and ideas rumbling around in my brain (or perhaps because of them) i am very quiet today.

i want to work from home; make a grilled cheese english muffin and dunk it into a bowl of tomato & goat cheese soup. i want to snuggle with the pup. i want to do yoga for like an hour.

i want to keep the complacent mood i find myself in, knowing that in an hour and a half, it will be tested and possibly diminished.

ssssshhhhhhhh. quiet time before work and maybe another cup of coffee to get me going.

adieu for now lovelies!
p.s. can you tell seven is in the same kind of mood as i am? could he get any cuter? it is almost painful to me the amount of cute that happens with this kid. i am a little biased though.

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