Friday, August 21, 2009

sun dials

there are so many things about ageing that seem to have rallied together this year to pluck me straight in the heartstrings (in good and startling ways).
the death and the dying of loved ones is prominent of course. seeing your parents evolve after the death of their mothers is another. seeing what we cling to in dark hours. learning that the comforts of yesteryears must evolve; and that everything must. admitting you have no idea who some of these new celebrities are. realizing our many faults and trying to make amends for it. crow's feet and those bizarre wrinkles around the mouth. the concept of having energy. calculating just how many years it's actually been since {insert memory of choice here}. the glorious enlightenment that comes the first time you break the cycle of a repeated mistake. friends getting hitched. friends getting knocked up. families. responsibility. peaceful mornings. teetering balances.
in my little corner of the world, life is light & gauzy, rich & heavy, and full of the bittersweet. it is also flying by. it further fans the flame of evolution.
good morning friends. the world is ours.

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