Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lovely morning

i love mornings in my apartment. after seven and i take our walk, i cozy back up into bed in front of my picture window with a big cup coffee. i read the news, write a blog, catch up on emails while seven runs around playing with his tennis ball.
it is so happy and cozy and peaceful. it is calming to watch the light change as the morning unfurls; like a fiddlehead fern in one of those time-lapse nature programs stretching up in funny fast-forwarded juts.
it feels so decadent to lounge away like this. i'm glad that is the most decadent thing in my life. it is quite the reward for hard work. the time does go by too fast though, and every other time of day fails to initiate the same feeling inside. that same energetic hopefulness of the possibility of a good day. the peacefulness of a blank canvas, so to speak.
there is something in the air this morning. it is wonderfully strange and radiating some very cool energy. i like it.
adieu for now,


k.lou said...

So far, I love how dark my apartment is. I need to get little lamps for at night, but mostly I leave everything off and let the light from outside (pool! moon!) filter in.

I've had little time to lounge, but so far, so good. And I need to get a chair for the balcony, because it's like some tropical island out there.

SenorMas said...

I almost mirrored you with my desk recliner and lemon water.

lulu said...

k: i have a chair i'd be happy to redo with you and give to you if you want. i'm looking for a way to move it off of my balcony. let me know.

lulu said...

senor: lovely ain't it?!

k.lou said...

Operation: Chair sounds like a delightful possibility!

lulu said...

it has wheels and a lattice back. the cushion can be reupholstered and i have the materials to sand and prime it if you pick out a colour you'd like it to be.