Thursday, April 15, 2010

yammer on thursday

good morning friends. 'tis thursday and tonight i am heading out to a festival after work. i spent the early part of the evening running all over town to find the food i wanted to bring. i spent the latter part of the evening having a much needed tele convo with my gal pal up in brooklyn, buying powerball tickets with the roomie (so fun!), and taking an obscenely long bath while checking in with the book i started last week. i slept decently but something is definitely up as to why i haven't been able to get a full night's rest in a week. it's lunar or psychological. one or the other.
i'm just glad i'm in a decent mood and am looking forward to camping with friends and listening to music this weekend. i haven't gone to a festival since november '06. i can't say i have missed it too terribly much but i have been getting the festi-tingles for a couple of days now and that's rather enjoyable.
i haven't anything to report today. i'm still in bed, in fact. guess i should get ready for work...
adieu for now, lovies!

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