Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday evening post

good evening, friends. 'tis sunday night and i'm finally starting to feel human again. whew. so glad to have scooted ma toe over the line into the land of the living.
i had a very nice day today with my family. great lunch by mama (ham, homemade mac 'n cheese, and turnip greens), a tiny bit of cleaning at the chateau followed promptly by a two-hour nap that was out of my control.
so here it is, 10:00 at night and a few days behind on everything. i hope your weekend was super fun and eventful. i'm hoping for clear skies, so to speak, for my upcoming week. i could totally use it!
and yes, i have pictures. three days worth. i will post them tomorrow. sorry for the lapse. i've been a tad pathetico the past few days. keep sending the positive energy, kiddos! they are appreciated.
adieu for now,

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