Monday, April 12, 2010

because i love a list

what i did yesterday:

1. quality time with lady friend at the miccosoukee green wherein we laid on a blanket in the grass in our bathing suits, drank beer, talked literature and (i) got unintentionally sunburned. i couldn't tell you the last time i have gotten a sunburn. i'm an SPF freak. but yesterday...and it's all on the left side. ish kabibble. regardless the Q time was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

2. tie-dyed t-shirts, dresses, and underoos in the backyard of the chateau with some lovely people. i had never tie-dyed before and i now have proof that i have done so on my hands, my arm, and leg. i look like an easter egg.

3. sat on the back porch with my roomie, her beautiful daughter, my sweet friend, some beer and pizza.

all in all it was a successful sunday, methinks. not quite ready to go back to work, but it's a beautiful day and i'm in a decent mood.
please enjoy this monday, friends. it kind of sneaked up on me too.
adieu for now,
top pic: saturday daisies.
bottom pic: the only parts that didn't get dye on them sunday.

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