Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a day late & a dollar short

good gracious i had a busy day yesterday. back to work, and back to reconnecting with the people i haven't seen in a week or so since being cooped up at the house with the plague. it was a beautiful day in tally yesterday (even with the consistent fine mist of pollen that continues to fall mercilessly upon our town).
after work i had the pleasure of porchin' it with a great, and fun lady friend and her brother. beer was had, and a little dancing in the living room to a new song by the gorillaz too. awesome! then me and the roomie went out and bought ourselves some powerball tickets. i've never played before and i am super excited. i had the oddest "grown up" feeling, buying my ticket. how funny!
unfortunately last night, my camera died. the only picture i have is of my lady friend's hand as we were dancing around her house last night. so, as soon as the battery charges for my camera, i will post it.
well, i'm off for now! i promise to post something of remote interest or substance soon!

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