Wednesday, April 14, 2010

better than bitter

well, hello friends. i'm not so caustic today i promise. i sort of slept last night. better than the night before but i unfortunately am still not rested. i dreamed there were worms no bigger in diameter than a pin head under my skin last night. i could see them moving around and tunneling across my body. in my dream i was trying to find a doctor that wouldn't cost me $200, but no luck. so i said fine! i'll pay $200 for a doctor visit, then no doctors would see me. weird. i woke up around 5 this morning from that dream and have been too scared to look down to see if there actually are worms under my skin. ha! funny.
i'm in a better place today. i'm feeling a little overstimulated, and am looking forward to a long bath tonight after i hit up the grocery store (exciting stuff, right?).
oh, i had originally mentioned that i wanted to read two books a month this year. well, i'm not on my 7th or 8th book for the year (which i would be if i were knocking out two a month), but i am on my third. i reread the great gatsby the other week and enjoyed it so very much. now, i'm on the thirteen moons by charles frazier. he wrote cold mountain and is from the same little north carolina town my dad is from. i started it last friday and thus far i am enjoying it. i think i'll make some time to read a few chapters in it tonight.
well, i have a festival i'm going to this weekend, so i won't be able to post friday through sunday. and yes, i have pictures from the past few days but i have misplaced my camera cord (again. i know!) and haven't been able to download them. stay tuned on that front, kiddos.
well, that is the magnificent world o' lu right now. it's a heck of a lot better than that bitter garbage yesterday, eh? thanks to all the awesome people in my life who took the time to make sure i know i am cared for. message recieved, thank goodness!
adieu for now,

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