Thursday, April 1, 2010

don't squeeze the sherpa

good morning, friends. 'tis thursday and it's the first day of april. march is kind of a lost month in my opinion, kind of like september is. there isn't much going on there and the weather is a little conflicted; but there's no denying when you round that corner in to april that it's spring. we have about five weeks of pleasant weather to enjoy before it starts getting H-O-T. i do plan on enjoying it as much as i possibly can...hopefully the attack of the killer nasty pollen is on its way out. maybe? please?
i got to feeling really bad yesterday afternoon and ended up staying in bed from about 5:00 pm until this morning. today i'm not doing much better but i'm downing a gallon of water in attempts to at least rinse the fine coating of pollen out of my body, and hoping to get more rest. blech.
so this weekend is easter weekend, and it is going to be a rather busy one. lots of people and social engagements, oh and food! i am really hoping to feel better because it's going to be really stinky if i stay in bed with the curtains drawn the whole time. future lu, don't be lame!
my mission today is to rally all of my positive energies (and maybe something for this headache) and force this horrible, achey, congested, nauseated, mean little sprite outta here. i am mentally cabbage-patching for this idea. the energy to actually cabbage-patch for this idea is still a little way's off but hey, conquering the mental battle is pretty epic. star for me.
remember about a week ago i posted that i was having a hard time getting ideas to manifest out of the fog in my mind? well, i'm starting to get a couple of them wrangled. i am working really hard at saving money. i have a lot of big bills coming up (the dentist being the beast of them all) and i haven't quite figured out how to pay for all of that yet. so...that big worry has been pulled out of the fog and put into a box labeled "recognized & needs further thought/action".
on the same note, i want to travel to several cities to see if i would like to live there. three cities keep registering on my radar: asheville, portland (oregan), and austin. poor austin, it's in third place because i do so detest hot weather and...well, texas for that matter. but the food is supposed to be phenomenal and two requirements for a place for me to live, are music and art. hence austin stays on the list. hmmm. one must have scratch to travel all over the united states exploring potential places to live. hence, it is tied back to my money concern. so...that idea has been pulled out of the fog as well and put into a box labeled "recognized & needs creative problem-solving". yes, i do label my mental containers.
selling a lot of my superfluous belongings (people love to give me STUFF) in a biggie yard sale (or two) is on my agenda for spring. that concept is a small one but feels like such a big giant animal to me. so it's been pulled out of the fog and put into a box labeled "not such a big deal, stop worrying about it & get the project going". i know myself far too well. sheeeesh.
well, i must admit that it feels good to have at least three little issues safely contained and awaiting further problem-solving. it clears, ever so slightly, the ominous fog in my mind. now that i'm feeling a tad less overwhelmed, then perhaps i can actually get to gettin' on solving those issues; which i know will end up sparking more creative thinking which will, in turn, continue to clear the fog and making the necessary changes i do so crave.
wow. you may need a sherpa to follow me today. happy april, kiddos!
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

that pooch is so spoiled , you can smell him from here ! Sorry you feel rotten , you've been pollinated ! Lurve you .xxoo

lulu said...

i know he's super spoiled. you should have seen him wallerin' around. i'm hoping i get to feeling better, it's been a day of aches and eucalyptus baths. lurve you mama. smooooches!