Friday, April 9, 2010

no-fog friday

well hello there! 'tis friday. two more days of work and i will have a sunday to relax. i hope to go to the coast since the weather is supposed to be quite lovely this weekend. i feel like i have to make up for the 3 day weekend i had off last week but ended up being sick in bed for. cramming a lot of weekend into saturday night and sunday is a challenge i have been known to accept.
tonight i am looking forward to spending a quiet night at home. my friend is coming home early from his trip and i see beer on the front porch in our future. at least that's what i'm hoping for.

it seems all i am wired for right now is peaceful pontification and music. i had kept my apartment so noisy with movies on in the background to occupy my mind and keep that ominous fog i mentioned previously, at bay. i had done this so much that i hadn't been listening to music. the tv has been shut off and the pandora kicked into high gear. my mind works so much better. it's astounding actually. i have slept better too. dually noted.

well, beautiful people, i must be off to get ready for work. enjoy this day!


*today's pic: little man keeping me company while i write to you fine people.

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