Monday, April 26, 2010

washing the mud off the happiness

well, friends. let me tell you a little story about how fabulous it is not to be working right now. i had a big, fun, intense weekend. been kinda reeling from it for a couple of days but it's all good. i had a wondrously long tele convo with my gal pal last night replete with boisterous laughter and a few tears. i miss her. yesterday was what we refer to (after a weekend such as mine) as hetero life partner pancake day. back in the day we would have been at the funky little shack eating yummy comfort and/or hangover food and recanting the events of the weekend. still, the conversation did wonders; and once again we pulled each other out of our unusual respective atmospheres and back down to earth to conquer a new day. it's a beautiful thing to have.
today i am at the chateau, chatting with the roomie, drinking gallons of coffee, and listening to a brand spanking new record by the new pornographers. their harmonies are good for my soul. i wish my mind could manifest harmonies such as that. that's a problem-solving skill set i do not yet possess.
i have been tossing around ideas for potential new careers or ventures and ways to remove myself from old cycles and this city. it seems to insult people when i talk about these things. i love the city i live in. i've been here for 26 years for crying out loud. but it simply is not the place for me anymore. i feel a yearning. a string through my heart that is being tugged by some unknown hand in an unknown direction. it's terrifying and terribly exciting.
today is a beautiful day friends. get outside and run around. i'm about to pull out my yellow sparkly hula hoop and enjoy my child-like wonder of the world for a bit.
adieu for now, lovelies.
top pic: the beautiful mexican bowl my grandmother gave me. i've been missing her lately and today i noticed the flowers looked like a smiley face. i like that.
bottom pic: the beauties i share my tubby time with. they keep me company while i drink wine out of the bottle and watch old family guy episodes or movies from the 40's & 50's.

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